Additional References

This page is filled with technical demo videos, helpful handouts from class, and additional reading materials.



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This video is a great reference for the neon process from start to finish. Bear in mind, some of the tools and techniques are different than what we learn in class. Below are links to specified parts of the video, as the whole thing is two hours long.

Tools: 1:32

Focus on the block, file, corks, and blowhose/swivel/mouthpiece.

Fires: 9:06

Covers the ribbon burner, cannon fire, crossfire and hand torch.

Bends: 11:40

Bending letters: 46:25

The process of bending and assembling a four-letter sign.

Processing/bombarding: 1:37:38

A brief overview of the pumping process.

An episode of Eater’s How to Make It featuring chef Katie Pickens learning to bend glass into neon signs at Brooklyn Glass. More of a brief overview, but a cool look in to Brooklyn Glass’s studio featuring our favorite letter E.