Fall Quarter Course Evaluation 2018

Please read and respond to the following questions about your experience in Introduction to Light-Based Media. Your feedback is extremely valuable and will help us to improve our curriculum for future quarters!

My instructor was *
Course Content *
Course Content
These questions pertain to your learning and quality of instruction.
The course effectively developed my abilities and skills in the medium.
The instructor explained techniques and concepts clearly.
The instructor was helpful when I had difficulties.
The lecture and reading portion of the course was engaging and useful for my thinking process.
Saturday Studio
Saturday Studio
These questions pertain to the option Saturday studio portion of the course.
I was motivated to attend the Saturday studio regularly.
The Saturday studio was useful for practice of techniques and working on my projects.
Course Opinions *
Course Opinions
These questions pertain to your personal thoughts about the course.
I am leaving the class feeling fulfilled with my experience.
I would recommend this course to a friend.
I am interested in taking Light Based Media: Intermediate.