Light-Based Media: Intermediate Topics

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Light-Based Media: Intermediate Topics #1

October 17

Welcome back to Western Neon School of Art! Whether this is your first or third time taking this Intermediate class, you’ll definitely learn many new things and hone your skills in glass bending. As a refresher, please read A Blaze of Crimson Light: The Story of Neon. It’s a relatively short yet incredibly well-written and informative article detailing the history of neon and its significance as a technological innovation. If you’d like more to read, feel free to peruse Topics in Light-Based Media from the Introduction class to remind you of what we discussed in the last class.


Topics in Light-Based Media #2

November 7

Bruce Nauman is an American artist who works in a broad range of media including video, photography, sculpture, printmaking, and neon. He’s prominent in the neon world for his punny animated text pieces — even if you don’t know the name, you’ve probably seen one of his works. His long, rich career has been captured in numerous retrospectives in the last several years. For this week, please watch this short video about Bruce and his work produced by the Tate Modern in conjunction with his Artist Rooms exhibition in 2017. The video discusses his work and practice as a broader concept, much like how we approach this Intermediate class. You have more opportunity for experimentation than you did in the Introduction class, so take a page from Nauman’s book and dive straight in. If you’d like, you can also check out this NYT review of his 2016 retrospective at the MoMA PS1, Disappearing Acts.